G&B Premium Organic Potting Soil

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2 cu ft

Product Overview

Primary Uses:

  • For use in all outdoor and indoor potting, containers or raised bed planting applications
  • May be mixed with existing garden soil to enhance soil conditions
  • May be added to existing soil in containers or in pots to improve nutrients and physical properties

Features & Benefits:

  • 100% organic ingredients, including worm castings, peat moss, kelp meal and bat guano
  • Special water-saving formula features naturally moisture-absorbent ingredients such as fir bark, peat moss, and worm castings
  • Perfectly balanced with essential plant nutrients to provide excellent plant health and growth
  • Specially screened particle size combined with perlite insures adequate air space and excellent drainage for healthy roots
  • Long-lasting ingredients prevent soil from "shrinking" in container after planting

Ingredients: Recycled forest products, composted chicken manure, bark fines, feather meal, dehydrated chicken manure, rice hulls, bat guano, perlite, peat moss, alfalfa meal, oyster shell & dolomite limes (as pH adjusters), worm castings, kelp meal